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SONIA (SONYA) (Coralia) NATRA is a multidisciplinary artist- sculptor, ceramicist, engraver, drawer, painter, graphic art, photographer and poet.

NATRA is an international artist with worldwide reputation and is one of the best and most prominent, professional, knowledgeable and important artist in the world at all times. Her etchings and ceramics creations for example are among the greatest, most original, creative and complex, ever created worldwide.

NATRA is a genius and her brilliant mind is manifested also in her ingenious and brilliant creations.
Very few artists in the world create in the highest artistic level and mastering so many areas as this phenomenal and unique artist. 

Her art creativity, complexity and professionalism, astounds through the profoundness of the ideas imagined in sculpturing, ceramics, enamel, painting, drawings, etching, silkscreens, other graphics and prints, poetry and photography. 
She invented a mythology of memory, the captured of life and in her art there is a symbiosis between energy and contemplation.

During the horrors of the Nazis and afterward during the communist regime, NATRA SONIA and her family, who were considered part of the "elite", suffered from forced labor, prison time and confiscation of all their properties. Some of her creations were not preserved or destroyed. 

NATRA attended the academy of fine arts in Bucharest (1943), followed by studies at the Guguianu academy of art, from where she obtained her MA in Painting in 1948. Later on she studied sculpture in the N. Grigorescu national institute of art, receiving an MA in 1954. She also spent a year in Czechoslovakia as an exchange artist through the Artist's Union from 1956 to 1957. 
In 1961 she emigrated to Israel with her husband NATRA SERGIU, who is one of the greatest classical music composer in the world in all times, where they now lives in Tel-Aviv.

NATRA SONIA obtained a degree in Pedagogy at Tel Aviv University (1971-1975), graduate the National Academy of Fine Arts, Paris (1974-1976) and taught art in important institutions and academies, such as, the Art Teacher's College, Beit Berl, Talpiot, Renanim, Wizo, where she developed new methods of teaching (1965-1990). Over the years, she nurtured, outlined the way and left her mark on generations of students (over 2000), who would reach significant achievements.

Her exceptional works, which have a particular and unique style, cover a considerable range, represented by sculpture, ceramic, etching, silkscreens, drawings, painting, photos and  enamel. Several of her significant murals were commissioned for public and private buildings, among others, in Bezeq Academy in JerusalemDan Carmel Hotel in Haifa, Dan Hotel in Tel-Aviv. In addition she writes poetry, in several languages, French, English and Romanian, that was published in several books and magazines.

NATRA had exhibited in Europe, the USA and generally worldwide, in addition to appearing in a number of public and private collections. 

Her works are to be found also in museums and cultural centers all over the World. She received many official acclaim, among others, Russia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Israel, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA.

She has two sons, Danny and Gabi.

Style and technique

NATRA SONIA is very prolific throughout her career. The total number of artworks she had created is estimated in several thousands, comprising of sculptures, drawings, etchings, paintings, ceramics, prints and numerous works in other techniques.

NATRA made her most important contribution in sculpturing,  etching and ceramic. The figurative style is typical in her sculptures and the abstract in her engravings and prints. She demonstrated a great stylistic versatility in her works on which she had worked simultaneously, including at night time.

NATRA SONIA sculptures are made mostly from clay, few from gypsum and some were molded in bronze.

Her styles in ceramics and in etchings are completely unique and she invented several techniques for her works.

From the beginning of his career, NATRA displayed an interest in the human corpus which is reflected in her different works. She creates mostly from imagination and in some occasion she is using models.

NATRA have received an excellent education, having studied several languages including, Latin, Romanian, French, German, English, Hebrew and other. She exhibited poetical talent at an early age. Her poems uses an imagist forms and metaphors to present dramatic images and ideas, experiences and feelings. Her poems cover new and wide range of subjects and themes, including nature, spirit, allegory of life and others.

Selected exhibitions
    • 54 shows in museums and art institutions in Israel. 

    • Maison des Science de I'Homme, Paris, 1984. 

    • Individual show at the Bibliotheque Internationale des Arts– Paris. 

    • Fine Museum, San Francisco. 

    • Hebrew College, Boston. 

    • Maastricht, Holland. 

    • Personal shows in the painters and sculptors associations Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, 1997 - 1999 

    • 82 collective exhibitions in Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Japan in museums and art centers. 

    • Repetitive participation in international exhibitions: Paris, Monaco, Faenza, Napoli, Hannover.

    • In the International Exhibition – Monaco, 1982-1985

    • 6 exhibition of contemporary ceramics – Faenza (work was acquired by the Museum)

    • Artistes de France -Grand Palais, 1992- 2010, each year, France 

    • 2 personal exhibitions at the “Cite Internationale des Arts”, 1993-1994, Paris 


    Selected awards 

    • Women Artistes of the Year, 1958, Romania 

    • Trophy of the Academy of Naples and Diploma of Excellence by the Centro Rodino, 1984, Italy 

    • Medal of the Ministry of Culture, 1989 Israel 

    • Maestri Della Ceramica Contemporanea -Faenza, Italy 

    • L'official des Arts, UNESCO, Lausanne, Switzerland 

    • Foremost Women of the 20th Century - Cambridge England, WHO IS WHO, LAUSANNE 

    • Outstanding Women Artistes of the past and now, CAMBRIDGE, England 

    • REGARDS France, Portraits d`artistes 



    • Guest of Honour of the International Center of Contemporary Art, Paris 




    • Vermeil medal international academy of Lutèce Paris for poetry, 1994 

    • Gold medal for painting and poetry AIL, 1995 

    • Gold medals for visual arts and literature international Academy of Lutèce, 1996 

    • Vermeil medal of Academic institution arts-sciences-lettres Paris for sculpture, 1997 

    • Trophies of the Academy of Lutèce, 1997 

    • Prize for abstract art Quebec,1989, Canada 

    • The Critics Prize for Abstract Art, Canada 

    • Gold medals with felicitations of the jury AIL, 1998 

    • Academic knight of the Academy Cenci-Marino Italy, 1998 

    • Gold medal for sculpture Academy of Lutèce, 1999 

    • TILL 1991 guest of honour of``the ARTISTES DE FRANCE ASS., 1987 

    • Croix de vermeil of Merite et Devouement Francais Paris for contribution to culture and humanitarian activity, 1999 

    • PRIZE N.PALTI, 1998 

    • Medal of the SALON LES ARTISTES FRANCAIS for sculpture, 2004 

    • Prize CHARLES LE QUINTREC for poems, 2009 

    • Gold medal of the SALON LES ARTISTES FRANCAIS for etchings, 2010 


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    • Academie Internationale de Lutèce 

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    • Merite et Devouement Français (Croix d'Argent) 

    • Member of Greci-Marino Academy Verbano Italy 

    • Publications of poems in the Jean Grassin ed. Sequences and Anthologies 

    • Internationals Who is Who, Foremost women of the twentieth century 

    • International directory of distinguished leadership ED. I.B .C. CAMBRIDGE ENGLAND. 

    • Numerous catalogues of national and international exhibitions 

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    • A.S.P.E.C.T.S, Paris. 

    • A.W.A California. 

    • International Academy Art, Science, Lettres Paris. 

    • Honor guest of Artistes de France 


    • 1971-75 Avni Institute, Tel Aviv 
    • Mizrachi Art Teachers Seminary, Ramat Hasharon 
    • Institute of Plastic Arts, Bat Yam 
    • WIZO France Institute 
    • Art Teachers College, Ramat Hasharon


    • 1943 National Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania
    • 1948 Guguiano Academy of Art, Romania, M. A. in painting
    • 1954 Master's degree N. Grigorescu National Institute of Art, Sculpture
    • 1956-57 Further studies, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy and USA
    • 1971-75 Tel Aviv University, pedagogy and psychology, B.A.
    • 1974-76 National Academy of Fine Arts, Paris, France

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